KitKat has been named most influential candy bar by Time Magazine.  It is odd to think of a candy bar as being influential.  Or is it really that odd?  Let’s look at why KitKat is so popular.

Shaped for Sharing

Think about it, most candy bars are difficult to share.  The gooey nature of some candy bars makes it too messy to share.  Some candy bars are too crumbly or too hard to break. Not the KitKat; bars are made into fingers that can be easily snapped off.

 Global presence

KitKat bars are found all over the world.  KitKat bars are produced in 13 different countries.  According to the Nestle site, there are 150 KitKats consumed worldwide every second.

Variety and Uniqueness

“Hey, break me off a piece of that…uh… wasabi KitKat bar?”  Yes, there are wasabi KitKat bars, along with sweet potato and green-tea KitKat bars in Japan.  There are said to be over 200 flavors of KitKat bars!

So if you are looking to making a big splash in the social media world, you might take some lessons from the KitKat bar.  What are the compelling thoughts and insights you would like to share with the world?  Are you sharing them regularly and consistently?  Does your circle of friends/followers extend globally?  There are millions of blog posts written on a daily basis.  How is yours unique and interesting?

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