Only once every thousand years does a challenge appear with the ability to blow everyone away. The Eggscellent Challenge is that challenge! Twelve eggs, chili, cheese, biscuits, and a fruit bowl. Finish in under an hour and your party eats for free. And you win this hat that says “I’m Eggscellent” on it. That’s right, finish the omelet and get the coolest hat ever invented for free. Many have tried, none have succeeded, could you be the first to slay the dragon and be eggscellent?!

I know you are super pumped about this challenge.  You get to the restaurant and tell the waiter that you would like the Eggscellent Challenge.  The waiter says,”Oh, I wouldn’t recommend the Eggscellent Challenge, it’s more of a promotional item.” What?!

Here is the deal, only one person has ever come close to completing the challenge.  A long time ago, a guy was obsessed with the hat. His drive for the hat was relentless: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. The omelet was the only thing he would ever eat. He kept a journal, and kept tracking every advantage he could find that would help him on his quest for the hat. He had figured out how to finish the omelet. But in the end, he did not succeed. If you’re willing to take the risk, YOU could win the hat.

So you begin training for the Eggscellent Challenge with the help of the other guy’s journal. You find friends who can support and encourage you through the training. Every bite is strategic and paced so that the plate can be finished in one hour.  The day has finally come; you are ready for the challenge.  You arrive at the diner.  “Oh, good morning sir. Are you ready to order?” the waiter asks.  The Eggscellent challenge please,” you tell him.  “Sir, while I am contractually bound by the laws of this restaurant to bring you the omelet, I highly suggest ordering something else,” the waiter pleads. You have an intense look on your face and tell the waiter, “Bring me the omelet.”

1. Don’t listen to the waiter. When you are on the path to greatness, you will encounter barriers that try to keep you from succeeding in your challenge.  Even those that will discourage you from starting.  Order the omelet anyway.

2. Don’t get overwhelmed by the all the food on the plate.  Take it one bite at a time.  Yes, you must be fully aware of the big picture (the plate as a whole), but finishing requires a focus on one egg at a time.

3. Keep your eye on the hat.  Every egg you finish will become a mini success, but your ultimate goal is the hat.  Don’t lose sight of that.

4. Training is key.  You can’t just walk into a diner and order an Eggscellent Challenge and expect to succeed without proper training.

5. Surround yourself with support.  These people exclaim, “We’ve watched you train, you can do this!”  “We believe in you!”

6. Taking on a challenge will always involve risk.  There is no safe path here.  Look at how much food you must devour in one hour.

7. Document your path.  Reflection is crucial for learning and success.  Additionally, share your successes with others. Look at how much you learned from the journal of the other guy who trained before you.

You won’t always find a learning and leadership lesson by watching the hilarious and completely random show, Regular Show.  But when you do, use it for encouragement and motivation!

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