Weed pic

You and this weed have something in common.  Or if you don’t, I guarantee that you want to  have something in common with this weed.

It has something in common with Trader Joe’s.  It’s not the low prices and definitely not the parking spaces that are impossible to navigate.

It has something in common with Southwest Airlines.  It’s not because the seats incline any further back or that the peanuts are more tasty.

It has something in common with Google.  You use it without thinking twice when you want to search for something.  For that matter the word “google” has replaced the word “search.”   It’s not because Google’s homepage has lots of bells and whistles.

So what is it?  You and these companies stand out.  Beat all odds.  Are unique.  Change the rules of the game. Inspire. Connect.  This weed was not supposed to emerge from the pavement.  You don’t see any other weeds do you?  The world said it was supposed to grow out of the ground, amongst the other lawn flora.  This weed refused to follow the crowd.  This weed decided to live by radically different rules.  Will you choose to be like this weed?



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