This is the tale of two people in the same business: one that is annoying and one that is a genius.

We will start with the annoying.  You hear the doorbell ring and it’s a salesman that has interrupted dinner to get you to buy his lawn service.  Doing my best to not have my half-chewed lasagna fall out, I tell him “no thank you.”

Move to genius.  I walk outside on a Saturday morning to cut my own grass. I noticed that the neighbor’s lawn guy has cut into my yard and has trimmed all of the weeds against my house and driveway.  I smile, he has saved me 15 minutes. He has done this now for a couple of months now.  Guess who I will call upon if I need to hire a lawn company?

What does this look like for you? It’s finding a creative solution to a problem at work instead of telling your boss how creative you are. It is over-delivering on a project instead of doing the bare minimum. It is creating the future and figuring out what to do next instead of waiting to be told.

You’ll get noticed.  And it won’t be annoying.

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