Being a millennial, I know all too well the joys, opportunities, and challenges of working in a world of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers.  We are socially conscious, we like to challenge the status quo, and we like to ask “why?”  Here are 10 additional things you need to know about us:

10. When communicating with us, we would prefer a text, tweet, fb message, instagram, etc… Anything but a voicemail message.

9. We don’t like rules or traditional structures that don’t make sense, and we’ll probably challenge most of them.

8. No, you won’t see a desk calendar or paper calendar on us. Send a calendar invite. We won’t bring a pad of paper to a meeting and will definitely not have a pen handy.  We’ll make notes on our phone or tablet.

7. If we need to meet face to face, can we do this in a coffee shop?  Or at least somewhere without unnatural fluorescent lighting and beige walls?

6. If we’re working by ourselves, expect to see ear buds in our ears.

5. We’re great at multitasking, regardless of what research shows.

4. Another PowerPoint?? What about a Prezi, PechaKucha, Vcasmo, Haiku Deck, etc.? Let’s keep it fresh.

3. Speaking of keeping it fresh, our blogs, tweets, digital presence, and reputation give you a better picture of us than a resume. #Resumesaretradish.

2. After being spectacular, we thrive on affirmation and praise.

1. We are smart and have a lot of value to add.  Don’t patronize us because we’re young.

Now you can laugh and smile with us (and at us when we go crazy on hashtag usage), but most importantly, we can better understand each other so that we may engage in amazing collaboration.

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