I was so tired of seeing people do this one thing that I was dying to do. They were born with the natural inclination to be talented at this. They’ve been doing this since they were 5 years old. You’re 27; it’s too late for you. Forget it and move on, I told myself.

That was my excuse for years. Then one day, I told fear no. I told him that I’m willing to look ridiculous while learning this new skill. I told him that I won’t be perfect as a beginner (and never will be, period) and that’s okay. I told him that I’m ready to expose my insecurities in front of others. I told him that I’ll work my fingers until they callus if that’s what it takes.

That IS what it took by the way…

The calluses especially…

If you have never played the acoustic guitar, your fingertips are not accustomed to steel strings continually rubbing and pressing into your skin. Every guitar player must go through the pain of developing calluses on their fingertips.  But once the calluses develop, the pain subsides.

With the help of a few guitar lessons, I learned how to play the guitar. In the beginning, my fingers lacked coordination.  And people listened and watched me practice.  Practice something I had not learned or mastered. That was tough…

As I reflect, it was more than just learning a new skill. It was about the unhidden, messy, and ugly process. It was about the daily struggle and practice that I went through to craft my new skill, where true learning occurred. What art have you always wanted to try but have come up with every excuse to avoid going for it? Go for it, friend. And don’t freak out over the calluses. They’re evidence of your courage and persistence, and will enable you to keep going for it.

photo(10)(27 yrs old, developing calluses and going for it.)




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