Chainsaws, fake blood, loud banging, and killer clowns… What have I got myself into? The suspense was building as my son and I anxiously awaited to enter into “the morgue” at the local haunted house. There was a couple in front of us and a couple behind us, and throughout the hour of waiting in line to enter, we realized we all had something in common.

We were anxious and fearful of the unknown. None of us came out and said it, because we were in a crowd full of thrill seekers. The closer we got to the entrance, the closer and closer the 6 strangers huddled together.  When we entered the haunted house, we made some unspoken pact that we would stay together. And we did. That’s how we got past the butcher hanging out with the dead pigs and the zombies breathing down our necks.

When pioneering into new frontiers, it’s hard to go it alone. You need support, encouragement, affirmation, and a following. Connection and collaboration are powerful forces. Enlist others in your journey. And be a part of their journey. Your skills will be sharpened. Your confidence will be bolstered. And the clown with the sharp teeth won’t be as scary.

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