FullSizeRenderSUP? No, I’m not asking you “what is up?” SUP is the acronym for Stand Up Paddle boarding. And I tried it for the first time during our family vacation to the Northwest Florida Coast. It’s kind of like canoeing on a surfboard while standing up. Once I got the hang of the proper (I use proper loosely here) technique and form needed to stand up and paddle, I was able to enjoy the view from above.

It was amazing what I could see in the water from standing on the surface. The view was starkly different from what I could see standing in the water. I could more clearly see the beautiful white sand floor through the blueish green water. I could also more clearly identify the brown clumps of seaweed scattered about, and could identify a swarm of jellyfish 20 feet away.

When we are in the water, we have a limited view of what we can see. I wouldn’t have noticed the swarm of jellyfish until they would have meandered a few feet from me. I wouldn’t have seen the pockets of ugly seaweed dotting the entire surf zone.  I was able to gain a better view and greater perspective being above the water. I had more clarity.

How do you gain greater perspective and clarity? Take time for rest, recreation, and reflection. This could be a vacation where you disconnect from work. An evening stroll or run. Pleasure reading at the coffee shop. When you go, go, go, you’re not reflecting on what you’re pursuing. You can’t find the energy and focus that’s crucial for being awesome. Rest, reflect, and rise above the surf so that you may gain a greater perspective and be able to see the jellyfish before they get too close.

So… Sup?



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