Can I get my pumpkin spice latte in the form of a frappuccino? Nah, that wasn’t my question.

Actually it was, “may I store my groceries in your refrigerator?” Seriously, I asked them that question, and they let me do it.

What are the silly questions you have that everyone else would think you are complete freak if you asked them out loud? What crazy ideas have been locked inside of that head of yours, that you’ve been afraid to unleash? The more outlandish the ideas, the more brilliant the ideas. (I’m thinking beyond the snuggie, slinky, and the electric razor vacuum combo, even though all of those are awesome.) Unconventional thinking leads to innovative breakthroughs. The past does not mirror the future. The future is a puzzle. The future must be questioned, pondered, thought through, and problem solved.

Ask. Challenge. Share. Trailblaze. Create. Innovate. The rapidly changing world needs you.

(Oh, and the reason I asked Starbucks to hold my groceries was that I needed to get some work done after grocery shopping and didn’t want to drive all the way home to drop them off first. And because I wanted to have a catchy storyline for a blog post.)

Photo Credit: Starbucks

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