I have a confession to make. I am fascinated with tornadoes.

To the point that I want to chase them.  Like Bill Paxton in the movie Twister.

And you are too, whether you want to admit it or not. Well, maybe you don’t want to chase tornadoes (and you shouldn’t unless you’re a trained expert), but you have an innate drive to do something daring and risky. To do something compelling and shocking. And something about those people who do those things inspire you. There is just one difference between them and you. They conquered the thing that once protected them.  Yes, fear, and it’s not longer standing in the way of doing what they were called to do.

Start the book. Pursue the dream. Get on the plane. Jump out of a plane. Talk to that neighbor. Serve in that neighborhood. Learn a new skill and then share it with the world. Strip fear’s power away. You’re no longer captive to it.

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