Why Defining Instruction Isn’t the Answer

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When seeking to understand instruction, we naturally move to defining it.  But the very action of defining instruction undermines the advantages of amalgamating it.  A definition looks to diminish things to the core. One of the reasons instruction is so arduous is because we break it down to the crux and therefore simplify it.

The opposite approach should be taken. We should explore the brilliance and potency of instruction. Painting a picture can be beneficial but also limiting because of it’s static nature. The paint sticks and dries. It can’t be changed. But we know true instruction changes the circumstances around us. It changes our own understanding and attitude towards our own worldview. Instruction represents the ever-changing compass of our learning journey.

I think we can best explore concepts of the brilliance of instruction and how it relates to learning by asking questions. How does instruction affect those it touches? How does it cause us to see the world differently? How does it change the cycle of thinking and learning? How does it connect concepts, experiences, actions, and behaviors? How can we use it to produce struggle in learning that leads to deepening our thinking?

Phenomenal educators get it. Learners yearn for it. The more we question it, the closer we become to grasping the essence of it.





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