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I recently visited a workplace downtown. I walked in through the main entrance a few minutes after 8:00 am to jump on the elevator to the top floor. I was caught by the front-desk Freda. “Um, excuse me sir.” I greeted her back with a smile and said “good morning,” and reported to her where I was going. She informed me of the procedure that she must have stated a thousands times over the years. I need to sign in and it’s very important that I sign-out. No smile. No good morning. Following the same humdrum ritual.

After my interaction with Freda, I proceeded to the elevator to find Not-So-Patient Pamela pushing the close door button as the group of hurried employees were waiting for the elevator doors to shut. I skirted past the closing elevator doors and wedged myself between Strong Perfume  and Computer Programmer. Strong Perfume was quite aghast that I had managed to insert myself inside the elevator prompting the doors to reopen. This event precipitated Pamela going all morse code on the close door button again.

The elevator was delivering it’s patrons to their respective silos, um cubicles. A few plodded off the elevator and others scurried off. Pamela talked about how she was going to be late again. Computer Programmer complained about the network crashing and how he wouldn’t be able do his work again. Tom was over next to the elevator buttons, clutched on to his lunch kit, waiting to walk into tedium. Mundane and status quo have chipped away at him over the years. Obviously the organization itself was almost dead. Comfortable but lifeless. Safe but bromidic. Going through the motions. The same motions for years.

Those people in the elevator, they showed up because they had to.

That’s just what you do.

Driven by rules and routine. They’re in love with it.

Satiated by the status quo.

Safe… Stop! You’re different…

There is an opportunity for a different now and different future! You are not trapped. Stop letting fear and others driven by fear tell you otherwise, and start boldly leading. There is a solution and that solution is you.



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