You’re asked a difficult question. “That’s above my pay grade.”
Bold action needs to be taken. “That’s above my pay grade.”
A challenge presents itself to you. “That’s above my pay grade.”
An opportunity presents itself to you. “That’s above my pay grade.”
Those 5 words keep the world from seeing the mind-blowing ideas and transformational work that is possible.
Those 5 words also…
  • Denigrates deep thinking
  • Ostracizes ownership
  • Removes responsibility
  • Abducts the awesome
  • Lacks leadership
  • Places a prohibition on pushing forward
  • Shifts struggles on others
  • Fortifies fear
  • Celebrates compliance
Within these 5 words lies a paradox. The mere statement signifies a linear, hierarchical structure to a leadership heuristic, contradicting the true meaning of leadership.  Additionally, the statement promotes an industrial authoritarianism that seeks to link compensation with the capacity to make complex decisions. That’s ludicrous, I know.
The next time you’re presented with a situation that tempts you to mutter those 5 words, try these instead. “I’m up for the challenge.”

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