Every great teacher has become a master of modifying their instruction, many times “on the spot” based on new data, evidence, and circumstances. Matter of fact, we often judge a teacher’s flexibility to change seamlessly and without hesitation as a quality to be admired and embodied by all teachers.

And then there is the double standard. Ed leaders and principals often feel judgment and guilt if they change course midstream. They may then be viewed as flaky, precarious, uncommitted, and inconsistent. They lack conviction to the goal right?

Leaders are often placed in a position to continue down a detrimental path in the face of glaring (and even not so obvious) new data because they are supposed to “stay the course.”

Just as we encourage our teachers to continually change their plans and modify instruction, let’s give the same permission and support to leaders. I can’t think of a better way to establish a culture of growth than through the incremental changes and shifts made and modeled by leaders.

If teachers can change their minds, why can’t the principal?


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