I’m a frequent flyer. Yes, flying has become a new normal for me. I love connecting with new people and visiting new places. The more I fly, the more I feel like a pro. I know the ropes. I know that Southwest always flies 737s and that you need Willy Wonka’s Chocolate River Wonkatania Boat to get to any terminal at O’hare.

Anything we repeat we develop a mental schema (structure) for. We’ve stomped a new path in our mind. We start walking it so much that the grass has died and given way to bare dirt. We might as well construct a cemented sidewalk. It’s a solid and predictable path. There is no need to take a new path, this one already gets me from A to B quick and easy. Why break away, change, accept a new reality, or do things different?

The leader that starts the day with email. It’s easy, because it’s going to be there waiting for me. This is a task that can be simply crossed off the to-do list. It’s a beast that’s predictable and slain daily.

The teacher that has taught the same lesson more than once; it’s more efficient to replicate it again for the next class or for the next year.  Boom, time-saver!

The speaker or presenter that’s delivered the same speech or presentation more than once; why recreate or customize when I can easily recycle the same speech/presentation?

Why go through the work, the extra mile to do something new and different, to completely change up your plan?

Because your perspective is continually changing (most likely incremental change over time). Your perspectives change as you encounter new experiences. And those whom which you engage with are searching for something awesome. They’re probably willing to change their mind on something. Something that resonates and makes them feel confident, passionate, and successful. You were meant for greatness and the work required for it. Not for the easy and comfortable.

The plane is boarding. Yes, you’re a frequent flyer (more important, a high flyer), but you have the choice to make this experience different, to follow through, to dive in with more energy, enthusiasm, and zeal than you’ve ever had. Each and every time.

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